SMARTEN™ Total Asset Manager

SMARTEN™ is a highly innovative asset management system developed by Apergy. SMARTEN has the ability to control and optimize multiple forms of artificial lift that’s being classified as a trial asset manager. Apergy’s SMARTEN technology has the capability to control and optimize Rod Pump beam, linear, hydraulic lift, ESP and Gas Lift units.  Combining the power of XSPOC, SMARTEN now gives you the ability to compare thousands of dynograph cards with your with produced cards to recommend the best optimization technologies to lower operational expenses and increase your production.

The robust, plug-and-play asset manager is far superior to any traditional pump-off controller. SMARTEN is suitable for all rod pumped wells, with features that include:

  • 3D pump simulation and simple interpretation
  • Unmatched and exclusive audio and video capabilities at website
  • Real-time surface diagnostics and equipment loading
  • Simultaneous VSD and pump-off control
  • Live Surface and Pump Cards with instant go-to-well technology
  • Fluid production calculation
  • 180-day operational history
  • Intuitive, user-friendly menus
  • Full SCADA compatibility
  • Theta/XSPOC monitoring and integration.

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